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55 years of experience

The Republican Valley Veterinary Clinic has been a trusted name in the community since 1968. Owned and operated by Dr. Judy Mallett Baxter since 1994, we take pride in providing top-notch, affordable veterinary care with a personal touch.

Certified Doctor

Our close-knit staff treats every animal as if they were our own, and we are proud to provide services from family pets to farm animals. We believe in being affordable while maintaining the highest standard of care for all our patients.

Animal lover

We have experience in helping a variety of animals stay healthy, including cats, dogs, pocket pets, rabbits, equines, bovines, goats, and sheep.

Promoting Vaccination Services for Healthier Pets

Protecting your beloved pets and livestock from preventable diseases is our top priority. Vaccinations are crucial to safeguarding their health. We particularly emphasize the importance of vaccinating against parvovirus, a highly contagious and potentially fatal disease. With a simple vaccine, you can prevent its devastating effects and ensure a healthier life for your furry companions and herds.

Microchipping for Peace of Mind

Losing a pet can be distressing, but microchipping offers relief and peace of mind. Our painless and easy microchipping procedure allows lost pets to find their way back home to you swiftly. Rest assured, knowing that this modern and effective identification method can reunite you with your beloved pet

Comprehensive Veterinary Services Tailored to Your Needs

At Republican Valley Veterinary Clinic, we take pride in offering diverse services designed to cater to all your pet or farm animal’s needs under one roof – or at your home. From routine pet wellness exams and vaccinations to specialized surgical procedures and advanced diagnostics, our team of dedicated professionals is committed to providing the highest standard of care.

Discover the difference our comprehensive veterinary services can make in the health and happiness of your pets and livestock today.

Our Services

holly colton
holly colton
They are so very caring n compassionate. I would highly recommend them to anyone
mike leber
mike leber
All around great staff and service
Dawn Craig
Dawn Craig
Trusted knowledgeable animal doctors so caring and personable. Very clean clinic
Crissy Livengood-Ridnour
Crissy Livengood-Ridnour
Great staff and there's a wonderful groomer on site as well. She did a great job on our poodle who was way overdue for a haircut!
Nichole Fawver
Nichole Fawver
Dr. Erin Barber was amazing. After many failed attempts at finding our vet we finally found her. I will never take my dogs anywhere else. Highly recommend!

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We’re here to serve you, your pets, and farm animals, and we urge you to call us today to schedule an appointment at Republican Valley Veterinary Clinic. Our personable and friendly staff is always ready to provide the best care, just like they are a part of our own family. We proudly serve Saint Francis, KS, and the surrounding areas of Goodland, Burlington, Idalia, Wray, Haigler, Benkelman, Bird City, Atwood, and Colby.

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Affordable veterinarian at Republican Valley Veterinary Clinic in Saint Francis, Goodland, Burlington, Idalia, Wray, Haigler, Benkelman, Bird City, Atwood, & Colby.

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